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Renewable ecology
sequestering farms
Renewable Ecology
Renewable farming technology is designed to be low emission high sequestration of CO2 - grow plants foods and/or bio-fuels - and enrich the soil. Improving soil quality is the key to a renewable cycle.

Dr Christine Jones implements Australian-Soil-Carbon-Accreditation-Scheme

Renewable ecology sequestering farms - the roots of the deep-rooted perennial - soil biomass - deep organics - soil carbon seqestration - foods for human and animal consumption - bio-products and new farming practices expand resource and farming... Renewable Ecology

The great forests of the world have a new "farmed" competition.
Soil carbon sinks - soil enrichment - foods - and bio-energy farms.

100 Billion Trees
100 Billion Trees
China plants
2.16 billion trees
100 BILLION biodiverse TREES
Could 100 Billion Biodiverse Trees reverse Global Warming? Maybe, but we'll have to stop polluting as well. Properly managed, the tree is a brilliant buffer against the effects of global warming. Actually, I've found something better - Soil Farming sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere and renewable ecology enriches the soil which drives the eco. Do not underestimate the power of the tree.
Global Tree Day
To learn more about trees, using soils and plants to sequester CO2 and cool the globe... 100 Billion Trees and Renewable Ecology
When the ice on the land melts and falls into the sea - watercraft carriers with on-board ice-water processing should collect, process and fill "many floating water containers" to transport premium "ice-water" and deliver to ports around the world as drinking water...there's probably even a profit in it.
17 Jan 2007 - Solar Sailor proposes to ship water from Tasmania to Sydney in Solar-Wind-Electric SUPERTANKERS - close enough.

Electric Eco
Leading edge renewable technology

Sydney Water Desalination
The Search for Sydney Water Desalination

Water Craft CarrierDesal Watercraft Carrier Desal at sea or port

Shep Hydro DesalinationShepHydro Seawater pumped-storage power & desal

Multi-Purpose Sea Water Power StationMP-SPS Multi Purpose Seawater Power Station

Sea Water MillSea Water Mill

Social Ecology Eclectic S.E.E.
A collection of social ecology phenomena, papers, news, stories, contacts.

Foundation Chair of Social Ecology University of Western Sydney.
"What is Social Ecology?"
Prof. Stuart Hill. 
Fuzzy Logic Complexity Chaos Ceativity

Dr Vladimir Dimitrov University of Western Sydney.
Cybernetician with PhD in Engineering Sciences (Engineering Cybernetics) and DSc in Mathematics and Physics (Mathematical Cybernetics).

Vlad's new book is published! Now available at LULU.

"I think the 21st century will be the century of complexity". Stephen Hawking.
Alexander Technique Sydney
Alexander Technique & Somatic Education Centre Sydney
Alex Nicolson MAppSc Social Ecology
Dr Rosemary J. Faire RMT.

"Our manner of use is a constant influence for good or for ill on our whole psychophysical organism". F.M. Alexander.
Australia West Papua Association Sydney
Australia West Papua Association, Sydney. Newsletter,
articles and reports on West Papua.
Sydney Artist Janet Laurence
Janet Laurence Artist

• Janet Laurence Plants Eye View GLOVER PRIZE WINNER 2013
• 2007 John Beard's Archibald-winning portrait of artist Janet Laurence
11/11/03 Australian War Memorial Hyde Park London in collaboration with Architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer.
Violets Gift Florist
Violet loves to sell flowers,
and you'll love to buy flowers from Violet!
Violet's Gift Florist & Garden Centre Sydney
Sydney Floral Artist Violette opens new shop in Ramsgate.

Flowers for all life's emotions
Gifts for all life's occasions

Over 20 years flower family business servicing Sydney *Built upon customer satisfaction
Violet's delivers direct across Sydney * Violet's use Interflora Worldwide
Save the World Bridge of Peace
Bridge of Peace B.O.P.
Save the world and build a human bridge of peace.
September 11 stuff - build a demographic "bridge of peace" by linking with others on the net.
Enter your name and position on the planet.
Kerry Heath Romantic Artist
Kerry Heath
The Sacred Dance between Light & Dark.
The Secret of the Fountain of Light.


Sydney Music Technology

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Piano Tuning Sydney

Stuart Handley piano tuner. Sydney's preferred piano tuner to respected musicians and recording studios Piano Tuning Sydney Piano Tuner
In your mental diary the next Global Tree Day is on the 12/21/12 for Global Tree Day
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