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100 Billion B TreesGlobal Tree Day

One Billion Heartsone billion dreams
are required to dream the impossible dream...
 Reverse Climate Change
Plant 100 billion trees
100 billion trees frees the imagination to include an unlimited array of trees, short trees tall trees, plants, long flowing grasses and shrubs of all sizes and variety and most importantly, the soil - for the soil sequests as much or more than the tree. Soil is a natural biomass trapping CO2 stored in the roots of plants - the deeper and larger the roots the more CO2 is sequested and stored. The deep-rooted perennials are the key.
Ramp Up Renewables
"Put Solar on every rooftop" (never need power cables again). The house of the future would have its' own power water and food resource.

"What does ramp up the renewables mean?"
Why it's full steam ahead with tomorrow's generation of technology today - sustainable renewable eco-friendly solutions should be the imperative direction of research and implementation. It is possible now, but competitors have been hampering progress for profit.

It also includes educating home grown green activities with incentives that we all can do that makes a lot of difference to not just the planet but individual households.

100 Billion Biodiverse Trees
"Trees" includes all grasses shrubs plants and of course the earthworm because you can't have trees without Earthworms... and the "key" to sequestration is the deep-roots.

"Enhancing the natural processes that remove CO2 from the atmosphere is thought to be the most cost-effective means of reducing atmospheric levels of CO2." (US Department of Energy)

Farming + roots + carbon credits

 Soil Biomass Carbon Sequestration Farming
Soil Carbon Sequestration Farming
Soil biomass is a natural carbon sink and should be used to create carbon credits which can be traded alongside those currently traded for forests.

The combined effort of farming trees - carbon credits for Soil Sequestration - and going solar - is achievable within years which addresses the 10 year "Stern" time-frame.
Coal-fired Power Stations will continue, but they will pay a levy which is exchanged for a credit that in turn pays farmers to grow sequesting trees.

And all this can be achieved now - with todays technology. We just need the Will. Speak up now and vote.

Dr Christine Jones

The deep-rooted perennial plant species tops the list for best carbon sequestration - TV News 23 nov'06 Dramatic finds on Soil Sequestration says Dr Christine Jones stated extraordinary global sequestration claims. Having read about this before, I wasn't too surprised, but as a real world solution - it's possibly something achievable to aim for.


The benefits of strong, early action on climate change outweigh the costs.
The effects of our actions now on future changes in the climate have long lead times. What we do now can have only a limited effect on the climate over the next 40 or 50 years. On the other hand what we do in the next 10 or 20 years can have a profound effect on the climate in the second half of this century and in the next.  

Carbon Coalition

"We urge governments and the business community to acknowledge the role that agricultural soils can play in addressing the Global Warming crisis. Farmers can play a central role in sequestering carbon in their soils by fostering deep-rooted perennial plant species that have significant biomass in their root systems."

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7-7-07Global Tree Day
Heaven on Earth, Move the World!

If you want to do more than visualizing.. please go to 100 billion trees and sign our worthwhile petition.


100 Billion Trees

Renewable Ecology
A Global Ecology
Soil Carbon Sequestration Farming
"Climate Future is Not Yet Written" © 2006
J. J. Zulaikha

  last updated 14 Aug 2006

The blanket of greenhouse gases GHGs allows sunlight to pass and reach earth, but when they hit earth, they turn into heat and become trapped. The planting of billions of biodiverse trees and soils will store CO2 as carbon and is our best bet to "lift" the blanket to allow the heat to escape and the planet to cool.

Not only can trees
convert CO2 into carbon storage:

1. Trees become carbon sinks
2. Trees clean the air and make oxygen
3. Trees are part of the water cycle
4. Trees cool the earth with shade
5. Trees cools the wind through respiration
6. Trees provide habitat for animals and birds
7. Trees provide undergrowth for bugs and insects
8. Trees fight soil erosion
9. Trees increase property value
10. Trees absorb noise and buffer urban noise

Trees assist local and global stability and are intrinsic to the well-being of the entire global ecosystem.

Trees are a real combatant in Species Extinction, Global Warming and Climate Change. This site advocates tree awareness and wants YOUR VOTE!

Dear reader, the bottomline is arresting pollution - the final solution is being able to produce clean renewable energy. The steps inbetween include attempting to produce clean coal via geosequestration and/or burying nuclear waste - both are temporary fixes - both involve expensive unproven burying techniques - neither are final solutions.

Renewables like solar have zero fuel cost and zero pollution and I ask you, if clean renewable technology exists - and it does - why settle for second best or go the long way round?


1. Plant 100 billion biodiverse trees
2. Support carbon trading for Soil Biomass Carbon Sequestration Farming.
3. Ramp-up renewables

Only with a biodiverse multiculture - many different varieties and species of trees plants grasses and flowers - can we revive natures creatures and inhabitants and reverse Climate Change.

Only with renewable energy resources - like solar wind and wave - and by working in with Nature - can we arrest pollution and help restore Earths' ecosystem.

Only together, by global voting, can we determine the course.

If reverse Species Extinction, reverse Global Warming and reverse Climate Change sounds too good to be true - it probably is - but imagining the impossible deems it possible - so dare to imagine WE CAN UNITE AS ONE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH DRAWN TOGETHER WITH A COMMON CAUSE OF GLOBAL PROPORTION AND VOICE OUR COLLECTIVE GLOBAL OPINION [1] MORE TREES PLEASE [2] MORE CARBON SINKS - identified plants species and soils [3] RENEWABLES the prefered source of power.
100 Billion TreesVOTE YES !
Please Note:

*100 billion is a symbolic number.

*The number of trees plants shrubs grasses planted will be essentially determined by the farmer and market value, be it subsidized by the government, or not.

*A technological bridge could be a system reliant upon coal "now" but can be easily reto-fitted to a renewable source at a later date. This bridge would also transit the working force.

People of planet earth, water is scarce and we have an insatiable need for more energy. Fossil fuels are still driving greenhouse - trees are diminishing whilst population expands. and the weather is different globally. The Earth is changing, and we are apart of the change - whether through our own making or not.

The easy way out is to go nuclear. The easy way is paved with problems. Just let me say "terrorists dream" and move on. We could easily fix the problem by switching off, but we can't and we won't - we want to maintain our lifestyles. So the inventor must give you a lot of what you really want - lots of power and water - whilst moving responsibly

As a closet inventor of renewable ideas - the penny dropped last week. A
ny new large scale renewable energy solution might be clean from day one - but won't have any affect on the 100 years of pollution stored in the sky - it just won't contribute any more pollution. As for all the inventions I know - I do not see any focussed towards cleaning up the greenhouse. Perhaps it's too big a bite to contemplate.

Then another penny dropped. Both global warming and climate change are global events - and any fix would have to be of global proportion - and even though I took the long way round - the answer emerged was "tree". Trees can't be patented - but they can be planted - on a global scale - and this "invention" is available to virtually every one of us on a grass roots level (no pun intended) with unprecedented significance.

The question must be asked, "Can we combat global warming and climate change with more trees?". Since trees cool the earth's surface and ALSO is someone's home - cooling and habitable - trees simultaneously address both Global Warming and Climate Change issues.
the tree
the ultimate renewable machine
100 billion trees

The tree turns out to be the "inventors invention".

Not only does it convert CO2 into carbon and store it in its trunk and branches - in doing so it becomes a valuable carbon sink. Taking into account - they are only carbon sinks for the time they are living trees - once they die and decompose they release all of their CO2 back into the atmosphere. That's why the Amazon and old forests are so valuable - and so dangerous to destroy.

The analogy of removing the lungs of the planet is accurate enough - as we cut more trees, we lessen the planets ability to cycle CO2 into air. We ALSO miss the processing of water and miss ALSO the habitit for the animal kingdom whilst ALSO releasing hundreds of years worth of CO2 back into the atmosphere - which is precisely topsy-turvey.

A tree performs many jobs - you might call it multi purpose: absorbs CO2 - makes oxygen - collects and stores water - rains upwards against gravity - builds humus - provides shelter - the roots sow the land and the head provides shade - cools the breeze - breaks wind and still looks good - and all it needs is water - all from a seed - grows itself powered by renewables and is systemic amongst a complexity of processes.

As you can see with the many droughts that surround us - so many systems rely upon the tree - and without enough trees many systems will suffocate dry up and diminish. THE TREE is the vital link in the chain of the ecosystem - remove it and things fail - replace it and we may afford a kick-start out of global warming.

The multiplicity of eco processes invoked by deep forests are observed and studied but still not fully understood. But undeniably the tree has managed itself for millions of years and we must allow it to continue to do it's job - but since we removed so many trees - and we burdon further by our very presence - it's ALSO up to us to put them back. Remove a vital part from any machine and it will stop - we must replace the part.

We have cleared the land to make way for cash-crops and grazing and we must find a way to compensate - and I think it's through carbon trading.

The effect by removing trees not only inhibits their ability to interact in balance with the planets eco but ALSO exposes the planet to climate change - and by continuing to produce more greenhouse gases (GHG's) the remaining trees are expected to cope with the load - increased by 6 billion people. This is a tripple whammy against the planet.

100 Billion TreesVOTE YES !
we need to manage our planets ecosystem
and its resources
from a global perspective

At best, the forests that we (you and I) are planning now (and yet to be planted) must mature and convert enough CO2 into carbon to make a temperature "difference". This has to be done in "time" - and my best guess to date is before the "tipping point" - when the warming melts the polar caps.

Planting a single variety of tree - monoculture - may be good as far as cash turnover - but it falls short of expectation. The trees I'm imagining are large that stand for 100's of years - best determined type by scientists and ecologists. And of course there are major developments in all areas of forestry to reduce greenhouse per yield as in the case of organic agriculture.

There will be no one solution, there will be many. Trees are just so fundamental to the cycle of life that it gives us the ability to be hands on, each and everyone of us.

The Tree Of Peace brought together the 5 Great Indian Nations to form a hand and be as one. Today the tree can bring the whole world together in a peaceful movement that plays a role in determining our planets fate. We may eventually learn to take charge of our planet with a global eco management (GEM) plan that regulates our planets temperature with the number of trees in circulation. 

Apart from the benefit of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing as carbon - trees become a carbon sink which as a commodity is valuable and tradeable. Trees also process water into rain while shedding leaves and cooling the ground beneath - which promotes humus and organisms to enrich the soil - and so begins the food chain for bugs and beetles - habitat for animals and birds - and provides beautiful conditions of sustainable life on earth for all life.

And so can the tree species combat global warming and climate change? Can you do anything about it? Look outside your window now and observe the spaces between the trees - could you plant more trees there - probably. You would have to research the best type of tree and get permission, and you could plant a few trees. It's possible we could easily double and tripple the numbers of trees on our street. Local water re-cycling could be the most efficient way of watering them without interferring with your main water supply or they may have to survive on rain and ground water.

Trees are our best chance to nurture the planets ecosystem back to the state that supports us all - we took what we want and now we must put them back. With 6 billion population and growing and now with China and India coming on-line - GHG's are tipped to explode. The only solution available that can be implemented and restore our ecosystem in time is with trees.

Until further researched 100 billion just sounded good: 200 countries @ 1 billion trees - halved - equals 100 billion trees - and like the ultimate well oiled sun-air-water-re-cycling machine - a far denser and richer earth cycle is revived using the amazing multi purpose user friendly "tree".

In short I'm betting we get rain and save a lot more species including ourselves.

one billion hearts
one billion dreams
100 billion trees
100 Billion TreesVOTE YES !
Renewable Ecology
A Global Ecology
Soil Carbon Sequestration Farming
"Climate Future is Not Yet Written"
© 2006 by J. J. Zulaikha


The idea that 100 billion biodiverse trees will reverse Global Warming & Climate Change may be a dream... but if there is any truth to the nightmare looming, lying under the shade of a tree is a slice of heaven... which on a hot day everyone who agree.
100 Billion Trees


Planting trees may be effective in lifting the blanket of CO2 - but that's only half the solution - commonsense demands we ALSO stop polluting.

We have an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere which needs to be ramped down whilst renewables ramp up. An increase of trees and a decrease of pollution by employing renewables.
100 Billion Trees

Solutions to Climate Change

Very importantly organic agriculture can help reverse climate change. Published peer review scientific studies in North America and Europe show that best practice organic agriculture, not only emits less greenhouse gases than conventional agriculture, the carbon sequestration from increasing soil organic matter leads to a net reduction in greenhouse gases.

According to the Rodale Institute "U.S. agriculture as currently practiced emits a total of 1.5 trillion pounds of CO2 annually into the atmosphere. Converting all U.S. cropland to organic would not only wipe out agriculture's massive emission problem, by eliminating energy-costly chemical fertilizers,

it would actually give us a net increase in soil carbon of 734 billion pounds." On a worldwide scale, if we had hundreds of millions of hectares of organic farming it would equate to removing billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

National Organics Conference 2006
100 Billion Trees

"...forests can become a weapon in our arsenal to break global warming if foresters practice enlightened stewardship. Sustainable forestry will need to become the standard on all forest lands globally."

The U.S. government’s policy of greenhouse gas reductions recognizes carbon sequestration as a factor in the management of industry emissions. Because forests are sequestering carbon, forest managers would be paid by industry for maintaining carbon sinks, creating a “credit” on emissions by industry towards meeting emission reduction goals. In the U.S., forests (including vegetation, soils, and harvested wood) accounted for approximately 85 percent of the total terrestrial sequestration of CO 2. (902.5 Tg CO2 Eq. in 2000)

The Tree That Changed the World
The Tree of Life, © 2001 by John Perlin

100 Billion Trees


Climate Change crosses borders - man-made lines on maps are meaningless  - and governments limited by these borders are powerless to manage globally.

There is no global body entrusted with a global eco perspective or authority. The United Nations is our only hope and we need to get the voice of reason heard like a hot knife through butter.


We must now pool our resources together and implement a global strategy to combat global climate change.

With the aid of internet connectivity, we can coordinate tree projects and most imortantly we can speak and act as One - we can have a global voice.

The United Nations and all our governments are without definitive answers - now they require the voice of the people to direct them. We, the people, are that voice. And when we speak - as One - with common sense and conviction - we will be heard.

This is your global voice.
100 Billion Trees

Planting biodiverse trees provides a multicultural diversity of greenery from trees to shrubs to grasses and provides a home for animals and birds.

It makes no sense to continue the practice of clearing natural vegetation to plant monocultures just for carbon trading.

From microhabitats in your backyard to forests and ecosystems on a large scale, trees form a global network of biodiversity.

We are facing Species Extinction that will put us back 5 million years. We have 100 years to fix Global Warming and Climate Change but Species Extinction is forever. Trees are half the solution. Halting pollution is the other.
100 Billion Trees

Heat Islands

Studies have shown that parts of cities without cooling shade from trees can literally be "heat islands," with temperatures as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit higher than surrounding areas.

The Urban Tree Book

Particular awareness should be introduced and educated to the people of the cities of the world who can respond by planting trees in their local neigbourhood.
100 Billion Trees

Easter Island's End

What were they thinking when they cut down the last palm tree?"

History of Oceania | World History Archive

100 Billion Trees

Expanding Forests
The role of "sinks"

The world at large currently doesn't "pay" much for the positive effects of forests. The value of trees as lumber and as firewood, and the value of the land they occupy for housing or farming, tend to be short-term and specific.

In fact, these benefits may be a matter of survival in some regions. The value of forests for preventing global warming and preserving the earth's biodiversity, by contrast, are long-term and their rewards apply to everyone generally.

A way has to be found to make the expansion and nurturing of forests appealing and cost-effective to the local populations that usually decide their fate.

United Nations "Feeling_the_Heat"

Changing agricultural methods

* Carbon stored in agricultural soils often can be preserved or enhanced by switching to "no-tillage" or "low-tillage" techniques, which slow the rate at which organic soil matter decomposes.

* In rice fields, emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, can be suppressed to some extent through tillage practices, water management, and crop rotation.

* Using nitrogen fertilizers more efficiently can reduce emissions of nitrous oxide, another potent greenhouse gas.

100 Billion Trees

100 Billion Trees

Planting 100 billion trees to reverse GW & CC strictly speaking, is only achievable if the forests that are being planned for now (and planted tomorrow - which will take time to mature) can convert enough CO2 into carbon to make a "difference" - a degree cooler - most probably before the tipping point when the warming melts the polar caps.

And is conditional upon the trees being protected to continue to "live and grow and store" the carbon for years to come - at least until we've changed over to renewables and can afford to release the CO2 stored progressively.

Planting trees doesn't mean we can continue polluting - We ALSO need to switch to renewables like solar and replace carbon fuels as soon as possible.

So right or wrong at least there's a target to aim for, let's say 2050. That gives us 40 years of tree growth if we plant within 2-5 years. Let's say by 2010-12. There's our deadline to have planted 100 billion trees or as many trees as possible in accordance with your local council authority. It's best to familiarize your council's advice as they have a plan and we'd like you to fit in.

You might like to inform your local council and direct them towards our web site.

Whatever specific type of tree or latest best methods to store CO2 will vary according to your situation - please consult local advise. Remember, the tree you plant may outlive you, so plant it well.
100 Billion Trees

Is Global Warming Climate Change and Species Extinction real or exaggerated?

There's always different points of view and conflicting stories. Not everone agrees. I cannot confirm one way or the other but I prefer to air on the side of caution. That's why the simplest approach may suit the most people. More trees and less pollution is totally sane whilst the outcome is a beautiful clean world.

The awareness of such a threat pre-empts and should be recognized as such. The most probable outcome is an increase in the planets temperature and should be treated as top priority. Apart from more trees my suggestion is ALSO to ramp-up our attention towards renewables like Solar Wind and Wave because the fuel is given freely by nature - does not pollute or produce waste - and will never run out. Total fantasy perhaps but
John Lennon, the consumate "dreamer" might have been right - I may not be the only one. With a matter of urgency we should ramp-up research on renewables.

The British during the Black Plague after they discovered the link between sewerage and Cholera went about re-building London's Sewerage System to separate the two - The Hoover Dam - The Panama and Suez Canals - The Snowy Mountains Scheme and World's biggest China's new Three Gorges Dam. All of these larger than life events carve the course of history through human mate-ship leadership and endurance. See the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World.

Humans when faced with a challenge can focus on finding a solution. Together we are powerful force that can re-shape the planet - and it always starts with an idea, a vision, followed by work.

100 Billion Trees

Carbon Sink
"What's a good carbon sink?"

A good carbon sink is a "tree" that is protected in a long-term program developed by global ecologists and scientists.

A good carbon sink is any existing forest like the Amazon.

A good carbon sink is achieved by "organic soil" sequestration.

A good carbon sink is the Ocean.

The phrase "100 Billion Trees" is not limited to just trees - but includes soils plants and other sequesting methods.

100 Billion Trees

Trees Buffer High Winds
The sea is ALSO a heat sink.

The health of the sea mirrors the health of the planet in as much as it's the largest solar collector - collecting 40% of each days solar rays - that "heat engine" directly affects the oceans and drives the currants and winds that drive the weather straight to your door.

Without enough buffers, like trees, we'd be blown away.

That's why Global Warming is global - the weather has no boarders.
100 Billion Trees

The role of "carbon trading".

Terminology spin of "carbon trading" allows you to pay an extra fee to off-set your usage - but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. It's not a good idea to keep on eating hot-dogs when you've had your tummy tucked.

Let me suggest, the purpose of "carbon trading" is to support both sides whilst propping up the underdog - because we want the underdog to eventually win.

The side that makes pollution and the underdog side that doesn't.

The makers of pollution (CO2) trade - exchange inadvertedly with the non-makers (renewable Solar Wind Ocean) to off-set their figures.

We the public may pay extra for green renewable electricity and/or is subsidized by the government because we all want renewable technologies to succeed because they are sustainable.

100 Billion Trees

The role of "carbon fuel".

"A dead tree is not a carbon sink". Temporary plants destined as fuel are not long-term but they have a place in the over-all schema.

100 Billion Trees

The value of "existing forests" is carbon storage.

Large scale existing forests are a necessary part of the ecosystem - are huge carbon storage - and are valuable. Perhaps priceless is the correct value.

Forests must be recognized as such - the massive carbon sinks alone may be considered priceless - not to forget their role in systemic ecology which directly affects species extinction and is all apart of the greater Climate Change that we are in.

Trees that are in another country see no border. A forest in one place is as good as a forest in another. This proposes a conundrum.

A valid commodity is being manufactured and being used but without prior knowledge by both parties.
"The carbon is stored in the tree service". Up until now without invoice.

The awareness of an existing sytem outside your place of business processing and supporting your business to grow - to the disappointment of the producers of GHG's - may be shut-down. This ending does not suit anyone.

Hence to continue usage an invoice is presented to pay for up-keep and maintainence for "carbon storage" services or risk losing the benefits forever. Like a bite-me medical or insurance plan you can't afford not to pay.

The sooner we give value to the tree, the faster we will be tracking in the right economic and ecologic direction.

In a real and philosophic sense - in this time as never before we need the tall strong tree to stand by our side - for if the tree stands - we stand.

I would go as far to say the United Nations should assign a Peace Tree Force legislated by International Law to perform the Duty of Care for the planet's trees and well-being of all life. A 'carbon storage' tax to maintain the existing  forests and rainforests - to preserve them for the planets well-being.

100 Billion Trees

The role of "carbon off-sets".

Plant a tree to off-set the cost of polluting sounds good but if that ultimately distorts peoples point of view - "it's okay to contiunue polluting as long as I off-set wit a tree" is setting us up with a false sense of security.

The tree helps - polluting more doesn't.

If you have to fly or drive a car, your CO2 footprint can be calculated. Both raise your tree quota. The less you fly and use your car decreases your tree quota. Whichever way you look at it - it leaves you with a tree quota to fill because we ALSO need to reverse 100 years of pollution to save the planet.

100 Billion Trees

100 Billion Trees Hi-JACK the planet back! VOTE YES!
100 Billion Trees

reverse global warming100 Billion Treesreverse climate change
1. Plant 100 billion biodiverse trees
2. Support Carbon Credits for Soil Carbon Sequestration Farming.
3. Ramp up renewable research
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