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Wholesome Life Ecology
Vladimir Dimitrov

Dr Vladimir Dimitrov

Cybernetician with PhD in Engineering Sciences (Engineering Cybernetics) and DSc in Mathematics and Physics (Mathematical Cybernetics

Wholesome Life Ecology
"How to Live Wholesomely In a Society that is Killing the Planet?"

 by Vladimir Dimitrov
Tor Næss

This book is a guide to live wholesomely, in a healthy and fulfilling way, under the critical conditions of our epoch - an epoch when nature has reached the Point of No Return and the only way to restore its delicate balance and harmony is by freeing itself from the self-destructive actions of the main perpetrator of today's ecological crime – our society and civilization. It illuminates practical insights of vital importance for those who are determined to grow in wisdom and spirit.

Some Comments from the LULU site:

Fantastic! by Dimo Valev
Sun 25 Sep 1:31 am EDT 2005

Another amazing book written by Mr. Dimitrov! Thanks for it, Vlad, all our family is your passionate reader, fan and supporter! Looking forward for more!

A Great Book! by Dora Valeva
Fri 23 Sep 8:20 pm EDT 2005

I love this book - so vibrant, so inspiring!
It resonates with the burning yearnings of my soul for Freedom, Love and Light!
Thank you SO much, Vlad!
And thanks Lulu for giving us this book!

Vlad's new book is published!
Now available at LULU:

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