Dr Vladimir Dimitrov

Cybernetician with PhD in Engineering Sciences (Engineering Cybernetics) and
DSc in Mathematics and Physics (Mathematical Cybernetics)

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Curriculum Vitae
Complexity Chaos Creativity Fuzzy Logic
A. Hoeivik
Fields of research:

* Complexity Paradigm: Social Perspective
* Fuzziology: Study of Fuzziness of Human Knowing
* Wholesome Ecology: Complexity and Health
* Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Autopoiesis
* Vedic Spirituality and Yoga

"I think the 21st century will be the century of complexity"
Stephen Hawking

Vlad Dimitrov, PhD, DSc:  http://www.zulenet.com/VladimirDimitrov/
University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury Campus
Locked Bag 1797, South Penrith DC 1797, Australia

You are welcome to order our books recently published by Springer-Verlag:


Vladimir's new book:
A New Kind of Social Science
Study of Self-organization of Human Dynamics

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vladimitrov AT hotmail.com

* Introduction to Complexity, Chaos and Creativity,
* Techniques for Working with Social Complexity,
* Fuzzy Logic for Social Science and Humanist Research,
* Narratology with Social Complexity,
* Managing Organizations at the Edge of Chaos,
* Exploring Complex Dynamics of Human identity;
* Complexity, Spirituality and Ethics;
* Complexity, Chaos, Creativity Practicum.


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