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Renewable Energy Sydney Desalination

Originally conceived and posted November 1-16, 2005 on zulenet.com/electriceco/water_craft_carrier.html
Floating Desalination ship or barge powered by
Renewable Energy Desalination
Solar, Wind, Wave and Tidal Current with large-scale battery.

Another closet idea by John Zulaikha 1-16 Nov 2005
Desal Water Craft Carriers

The Desal Watercraft Carrier is, but is not limited to, a large scale 3 or more tiered portable floating collector of wind wave tide and solar energies with battery and reverse osmosis desalination plant on-board. Gathering power, storing power and making water for cities.

One day it might be able to roam the seas searching for the best possible weather conditions gathering the full potential, but typically it would be moored off the coast exchanging eco energy for fresh water, re-charging, and pumping fresh water back to the coast through a pipe. [more]

Sydney Water Planning for Desalination
Ensuring the Future
Renewable Energy Sydney Desalination
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