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Social Magic of Fuzziology


 Vladimir Dimitrov

University of Western Sydney

Fuzziology studies fuzziness inherent in our knowing of reality in which we live and die - a fuzziness that never ceases to emerge out of the enigmas and paradoxes of existence.

The deeper we penetrate into the mystery of life, the higher the fountain of fuzziness that springs up out of the whirling dynamics of the ever pulsating existential complexity - a complexity which unfolds and folds in a ceaseless rhythm. We are products of this complexity and at the same time contributors not only to the beats of its rhythm but also to the ways in which its self-creative essence manifests.

The fuzziness of our knowing about complexity of existence mirrors the fuzziness of our knowing about ourselves and vice versa: what we both know and do not know about ourselves reflects our fragmentary knowledge about the reality that we inhabit.

Ever fuzzy appear to us responses to questions like Why does this world exist? Why are we born? Has everybody mission to fulfil when living on the earth or there is no mission but just a urge to live? Does death destruct all what we learn through life? And if it does, what for we strive so hard to reach the peak of our power to create and grow in intelligence and spirit?

The less our ability to experience the wholeness of existence and to live in accord with its life-sustaining rhythm, the higher our ignorance about the questions above, and hence the denser the fuzziness of what we know about reality. The denser the fuzziness, the deeper our entrapment in animalistic drives and desires, the less meaningful our lives.

Fuzziology makes us aware about the fuzziness of our thoughts and feelings, words and actions, dreams and aspirations. In the climax of this awareness we are able to TRANSCEND the limits of the fuzziness and thus to set free and harness our potential to live in integrity - an all-embracing social, ecological and spiritual integrity with each other, with nature and with the very essence of existence.

The transendence happens every time when the fuzziness of our knowing RESONATES with the authenticity of our selves, that is, with what we really ARE - free from any prejudices and dogmas, from any forcibly imposed stereotypes of thinking and feeling, from any pressure to behave and act, according to the ideas of others.

 In the acts of this transcendence, the social magic of fuzziology reveals its power.

©V. Dimitrov, 2000