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Living at the Edge of Chaos

Today everything is moving at a high speed, and nothing seems to remain  steady and stable. When living at the edge, tomorrow cannot be trusted; it is not certain that there will even be a tomorrow. If we know that there is no tomorrow, then the capacity for transformation comes into being, and we are prepared for inevitable jumps into the unknown.

At the edge of chaos, many people see only the destructive  actualities: society suffocating in unlimited egotism, unbearable competition and crazy thirst for power, and nature suffering under a real threat of death. Seeing potentialities for growth in a time of criticality is of vital importance. The opportunity for seeing potentialities and trying to act so that to allow their realization in the name of life, both for nature and humans, must be utilized because such a valuable time as it exists today may not come again. From every angle, we live in an era, which is at its climax or peak.

Miracles happen with us, when at the very edge of chaos: