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      Obstacles in the Way of Self-Organization

      Riding Self-Organizing Dynamics of Existence


Self-organisation is a virtual property of the interactive dynamics (energies, forces). It becomes actual when the dynamics are materialised in some substance and their intensity of interaction increases so that they become swirling (vortical). The swirling dynamics are characterised by the presence of self-propelling feedback loops and tend to form a vortex-like (whirling) structure sustained by forces directed towards its centre. At the same time, the forces that act towards the periphery of the structure cause the emergence of a multitude of pulsating vortical layers, similar to the fractals studied in chaos theory.

The dynamics of every emergent layer reflects the pulsation of the whirling structure as a whole, and the integrity of the structure crucially depends on the interactive dynamics of the layers. This unique dynamical interplay between the whole (as an expression of layers' interconnectedness) and the layers (mirroring the whole), drives the overall process of self-organization of the moving substance.

The 'miracle' of the self-organization occurs in the cavity (emptiness, vacuum) at the axis of the whirling structure, where a powerful 'sucking' force emerges. The power of this self-organizing force can be gigantic (in tornados, for example).

Self-organizing dynamics of existence manifest in the astonishing diversity of non-animated and animated forms in the universe and in their evolution, transformations and metamorphoses.

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Similarly to the swirling dynamics of the interacting streams of air (or water) in tornados (or whirlpools) able to release self-organizing forces of enormous power, the swhirling dynamics of the all interacting 'streams' that constitute the vibrant integrity (wholeness) of the human body, mind, soul and spirit, considered in an inseparable unity with the environment, give birth to the human self-organising drive towards creativity. This drive incites our life-long urge to explore the secrets of existence: to know ourselves and the planet in which we are both welcomed to be born and supported to live, love and grow.

Whenever we are creating something -- as painters, poets, musicians, mathematicians -- it is coming out of the silent 'emptiness' (reminding the vacuum in the tornado's centre) at the core of our inspired ('whirling') wholeness; it has spontaneity and power. It is not prearranged, pre-programmed, pre-thought.

As we are creating something we go on being surprised ourselves -- it is like leaving ourselves in the hands of the existence, in the hands of the unlimited self-organising impetus, which finds an expression through our skills, through our emotions, intelligence and spirit. As if our bodies cease to be only ours. As if our feelings and thoughts start to resonate with a rhythm different than the rhythm of the everyday life, and our whole nature begins to follow what the existence 'longs' for, and to transform, almost unnoticeably, into a silent watcher of our own unfolding creativity.

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Obstacles in the Way of Self-Organization

Self-organization makes sense only in relation to the whole: it is the whole that self-organizes into a multitude of interacting levels. At the same time, the whole cannot sustain its integrity, if the process of self-organization does not work. Because of this vital interdependence, anything that destroys the whole - anything that divides or separates or excludes, appears as an obstacle in the way of the self-organization, and anything that acts against the self-organization, destroys the whole.

For example, when the ego is centred in the selfishness and filled up with egoistic striving, it separates and divides, it makes people compete, fight and kill each other, and thus destroys humankind's integrity. Moreover, such egos make society use the resources of nature in a barbarian way and thus undermine humans' integrity with nature. This crucially distorts the self-organizing processes both at individual and social levels, and leads towards social establishment in favour of those with power (in capitalist society, the power always has a strong economic dimension). L. Victor calls such kind of establishment "metastasizing cancer on humankind" ; it does not allow equal opportunities for people's growth and strongly restricts the freedom for individual self-realisation.

The mass media actively contribute in the process of destructing social self-organization by constantly stirring up and maintaining the consumption hysteria in society at an extremely high level. The danger of the consumerism is in reducing people to the single dimension of 'market values' in economics and thus impeding their development and growth in directions others than those, which are economically rewarded in society. This suppresses the holistic nature of the self-organizing processes and leads to emergence of social maladies with serious economic, ecological, educational, political, legal, etc., consequences.

The weaker the processes of social self-organization, the stronger the need for establishing a rigid System of Social Control aimed at imposing 'integrity' of bureaucratic type (that has nothing to do with the social self-organization) necessary for functioning of the System. The high degree of computerisation in the developed countries makes it possible to realise a high-technologies-based social control with a degree of efficiency that the regimes in the former communist countries could have only dreamt for.

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Riding Self-Organizing Dynamics

When the noise of the self-centred egos quietens and the mind stops following blindly what the others generously try to pour into our heads, 'vortices' of genuine inspiration can be set in motion. And we can find ourselves in the hands of the self-organisation speaking through our individualities - its forces remain unknown and yet perceptible, out of control and yet susceptible to our responses.

With the self-organizing dynamics awaken in us, we can dauntlessly immerse in the unknown and leave our whole nature to relax and move not according to pre-selected goals and wishes, but according to something bigger than us, something vaster than us - the creative power of existence. We cannot be aware of its potential unless it becomes actual. And we are always surprised to see what the self-organizing dynamics are able to bring forth in our minds and souls.

Creativity of the self-organizing power of existence speaks through us when we are authentic - not pretending to be others, not painting ourselves according to the images of others and playing their roles.

It is not difficult to be an imitator: we just repeat like a parrot what others say (or decorate it to sound more attractive), we just follow others' instructions (or enrich their realisation to demonstrate our fidelity), we just yield to the System (or become Its faithful servitor).

Much more difficult is to be authentic - it requires integrity of the essential ingredients of our human nature: body, mind, soul and spirit. The body alone is only a servant of the mind, and the mind likes to imitate; the soul alone easily indulges in sentiments, and the spirit constantly pulls us to other dimensions. Only through the whole of our nature grounded in the existence can we be authentic: the authenticity is a direct expression of our integrity.


The authenticity requires efforts - the efforts to be able to refer to ourselves, to reflect ourselves, to be aware and responsible of ourselves, to be able to stay awake. Only then can we experience the self-organizing dynamics of existence flowing through us and energising our creativity. Otherwise we remain locked in hypocrisy and this is against the flow of existence. It is not allowed by existence to be hypocrite, to imitate or follow blindly what others say. The punishment for breaking this 'law' is lack of creativity. And the lack of creativity implies not only lost of the individual richness but also a readiness to yield to the System and become a replaceable part in its suppressive machinery. It would be a grievous failure to allow this to happen.

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