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WavePlane Production A/S

The Waveplane - is a wedge-shaped structure which channels incoming waves into a spiral trough, this produces a vortex to drive a turbine. A one-fifth-scale model has been on test off Jutland since mid-1999;

The function of The WavePlane.
Seen from above the construction is triangular. Along two of the sides there are inlet ducts and right between those the anchoring point is located. This design ensures that the WavePlane always will position it self with the anchoring point and the inlet facing directly towards the waves.

• Oxygen-WavePlane in the sea for 3 years - Survived the 100 years storm in Denmark 1999.

          • The WavePlane are being tested in Japan by NKK from September 2002 to April 2003 in the sea.


Premier Morris Iemma, Minister Frank Sartor, Senator Ian Campbell.
The commitment to time and expenditure burdens the availability of sustainability.

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