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Wavemill Energy Corp.

Converting seawater directly to potable water using reverse osmosis is the domain of the award winning Wavemill currently under final testing in Canada, but it is not yet available on the open market. It sits in the sea and directly desalinates fresh water.


The Wavemill® has already been recognized for its innovation, business potential, and environmental benefits. In 1996, the inventors of the Wavemill® were the 1st Place Award recipients of the Canadian GreenVention Awards, given annually by the Canadian Innovation Centre for the best environmental invention of the year. Since that time, much has been accomplished to further improve the design, flexibility, durability, and overall efficiency of this practical and timely technology.

In 1999 the Wavemill® received a Sustainable Development Award from the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development and was presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the Premier at an awards gala.

In March 2000, delegations from over 75 countries, along with 400 exhibitors, participated in the bi-annual "Globe" Conference and Trade Show on the Business of the Environment, the largest ongoing event of it's kind in the world. Following the Globe 2000 show, WEC staff were told by conference organizers that the Wavemill® display was their "success story" of the year, due to the overwhelming level of visitation and interest received. In three days, over 800 individuals and delegations stopped to express interest and request information and future updates. WEC has now been granted one of the premiere locations (adjacent to the Atlantic Canada section) for Globe 2002.

Recently, the Wavemill® was one of five technologies featured in the Clean Development Mechanism* (CDM) Technology Showcase, part of an international workshop, sponsored by the Canadian federal government and held in conjunction with the Americana 2001 Pan-American Environmental Conference. Response was once again very strong.

*The CDM allows certified emission reductions resulting from sustainable development projects in developing countries to be funded by Annex 1 Parties such as Canada to meet part of their emissions reduction and is tied to the Kyoto Summit commitments.


Premier Morris Iemma, Minister Frank Sartor, Senator Ian Campbell.
The commitment to time and expenditure burdens the availability of sustainability.

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