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Traditionally lessons are taught one on one. The teacher works with the student to observe neuro-muscular habits in simple movements such as sitting,  standing and walking. As the students skill level increases in applying the principals,  other activities relevant to the students life are introduced.

Table work is also part of each lesson. This is something that students can learn to do for themselves between lessons. It is deeply relaxing and assists in reorganizing the bodies basic postural mechanisms by increasing the habitual resting length of postural muscle groups.

The lesson is both stimulating and relaxing. A process of growth and learning is stimulated at both the mental and physical levels and tension and stress patterns, often habituated and below our conscious awareness, are released leading to a feeling of well being and often, an alleviation of any painful symptoms.

The standard lesson time is 50 minutes with bookings on the hour. Variations can be negotiated for couples, parents with children, pensioners or anyone whose needs are different.

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