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The Alexander Technique can redirect us to a more conscious awareness of both our natural organization, and our habitual misuses, which left unchecked may eventually lead to a lowering of our standard of functioning. 

Learning to prevent this misuse reveals an underlying poise, lightness and ease of movement, a clarity of the mental physical interaction of our selves and an alleviation of many of the varied symptoms of misuse which may occur.
"What's the use in having a fixed point of view?"
  Students learn how to access their kinaesthetic sense as a valid and useful source of information for improving the quality of their general use in daily activities. They realize soon enough that their previous movement pattern was largely unconscious and habitual, based on assumptions about what is the “right way” to do things.

This developing awareness of oneself as agent in everything is a very powerful and constructive way of knowing for ongoing growth and development of the whole person. On a physical level students report feeling lighter, taller,  and movement is described as smoother and easier.


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