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Most Australian library networks will carry a range of books and videos on the Alexander Technique and many bookshops will be able to get specific books for you. Your teacher will be able to recommend basic titles but there are now many books covering different aspects and dimensions of the technique.

Alexander wrote four books and numerous articles between 1894 and 1950.  His entire writings are published in a volume called  “F. Mathias Alexander,  Articles and Lectures”, published by Mouritz,  UK.

Alexander’s writings are considered somewhat difficult by todays standards but serious students will derive invaluable knowledge from reading his works.  Especially recommended for serious students is the chapter called  “Evolution of a Technique”  in his third book,  “The Use of the Self”.  (1932)

Highly recommended basic books are:-

Michael Gelb’s  “Body Learning” 

Wilfred Barlow’s  “The Alexander Principle” 

Frank Pierce Jones’  “Freedom to Change”  (formerly Body Awareness in Action)

There are also a number of audio tapes available which can talk you through the various aspects and procedures of the Technique.

Try Jerry Sontag who is the publisher of Mornum Time Press have taken over U.K. and Australian (and other parts of the world) catalog ditribution by mail -

Other websites of interest include:--    Many links from this site to almost every aspect of the A.T. Worldwide Teachers Lists available.   A society with a quarterly academic journal about the field of somatics.     The Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique website.  (AUSTAT)  This site has a comprehensive list of AUSTAT teaching members in Australia.   A list of teachers mainly deriving from the ATA (Alexander Technique Associates) school previously in Chatswood.  Has up to date lists of workshop throughout Australia.    The website of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in the UK.  (STAT)  Alexander Technique International.  World wide list of teachers belonging to ATI.    American Society for the Alexander Technique.    The Open Directory Project.  The largest most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web.    Social Ecology Eclectic S.E.E. All about Social Ecology at UWS Hawkesbury including papers, stories, newsletter and social sections.    Social Ecology and Lifelong Learning. University Of Western Sydney.   An Austat recognised training school in Melbourne offering quality
traditional training for those interested in being teachers or pursuing the technique more deeply. Also Einsteins Moon Bookshop - largest source of Alexander Technique books in Australia.

  The field of inquiry that explores the notion that self knowledge of our psycho-physical organisation (kinaesthetic awareness), and learning the process of inhibition and direction to develop that organisation, (as process rather than goal), may expand our consciousness to a continuous awareness of the fundamental interconnectedness with the larger environment/ecology of which we are a part.

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