Kerry Heath
Kerry Heath Artist 1954 - 2001

Dancing Art
There was a little girl who loved flowers. She loved to love flowers, and trees and rocks and when she found creatures living, tiny creatures living - well she would rub her eyes and when she opened they weren't there anymore .. and so she wondered in magic ~ to be then wandered in magic ~ and in her magic imagination was real. So she lived with them all, to bring them into this life .. they say art is supposed to portray life and they were all living and breathing in there in her, if I may, in her imagicnation...
An excerpt from DIVINE MADNESS Kerry Heath © '95
"Suddenly I was on the floor in the grip of a powerful energy. My body simply had a mind of its own, moving in ways that reminded me of primal rituals, totally ecstatic, sometimes erotic. My breathing patterns changed and I was making sounds that took over and became rhythmic chants and then erupted into animal noises and growling. I was going into yoga asanas and mudras with a grace and power all 'it's' own, then bursting into a wild dance feeling the power of the Earth rising up through my feet. I felt such power, almost as if the Planet and I were One."

...and she would breath them into lifes' canvas.

She became a great artist and painted them, all of them and for me they make up iMagic Nation. Fairies pixies elves, tree-people unicorns tigers wolves eagles, monsters and demons, wizards and witches, deities and devils, and very sensual sexual sacred dances of the terror tortured silenced by goblins gods and goddesses.

And her life was her art ~ her art, her paintings ~ her stories her writings ~ her soul expressed as no other.

Depression took her life but cannot take away her expression and she deserves as much recognition as she can get ~ her passing takes herself away but she leaves so many heartfelt expressions of love that Kerry tells her own story ~ her life ~ a rich bottomless expression of her and her heart ~ her pictures and stories speak volumes.

In loving memory to Kerry ~ first in her art, the expression of her soul ~ the bitter sweet ~ the courage to embrace her belief and live between the light and the dark ~ such beauty and terror in her paintings reflecting her inner self to live in such a harsh reality struggle ~ all the sorrow the pain, the years of willing the soul on .. a sacred belief in the dance of the soul .. only to rise in a vortexed ecstasy to fall back to earth in dissapointed defeat. We shared fought cried drew to each other our reflection both mirroring the depth in our hearts. Sometimes our rhythms synchronised, our moods would swing in time ~ even years after we separated, we would often share over the phone the same mood swings, as though we were both sensative to something in common. Indeed we had more in common than I realised. 

Kerry is now living her dreams heart far away never to return in that form but leaves the love of her art, her imagicnation, as legacy to all who care. A rich inheritance to those priveledged to see her come to life in the beauty she was.

Kerry was never afraid to dig into the depths of hell to save some poor innocent ~ well at least in her pictures she lived her dream.


 In loving memory
Kerry Heath
© Zulenet 2001